Ranking the NEW Adidas Jerseys


Yesterday we saw the reveal of the brand new jerseys for all 31 (still weird to say) teams. Most look exactly the same. Some changed. And a few look downright…well…lackluster.

Let’s have a look at these new jerseys and what we think.

Nashville Predators


Coming in dead last is my beloved Predators jersey. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love this team and pulled hard for them in the Stanley Cup Final, but these jerseys lack…well…everything. Described as clean, they might have gotten a little too clean. If Mike Fisher does retire, he might breathe a sigh of relief that he doesn’t have to hit the ice looking like a bottle of mustard.

Grade: F

Washington Capitals


Coulda done their thirds. I mean look at their thirds, perfect striping, great colours, classic hockey look. Let me just say how much I love Washington’s third jerseys. Yeah, they could have cleaned them up to “form the future” but aside from that I was hoping to see the thirds become mains. These…well aside from the logo are just not good. Sorry Caps.

Note: Picture courtesy of the only damn place to find one of this jersey with the rad video background, Pete Blackburn’s jersey post. Screenshotting was a nightmare to try.

Grade: F+


Detroit Red Wings

They didn’t change anything. And see, that’s my problem. Sure these jerseys are classics, but I was hoping to maybe have them add something with these sleek new “form the future” jerseys. Instead we got the same old, same old.

Grade: D-


Chicago Blackhawks

Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m not a fan of the Blackhawks or their jerseys. I don’t like the logo. Sorry, Hawks fans. But again, as with before, don’t fix what ain’t broken, but something subtle would have been nice.

Grade: D


Ottawa Senators

Should I be honest? I was hoping they’d switch to their thirds. I love that classic hockey look. These? Not so much. The blocky sleeve design and the extended black makes for an awkward look. The changes are subtle, which I am a fan of, but these jerseys are just boring.

Grade: D

Colorado Avalanche


There was a lot they could have done to these. There was a lot they did. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than their old ones, but I still hate the mountain trim and the sleeve striping. It’s just not hockey jersey to me. Their old thirds would have looked good as hell in this colour scheme and maybe with the primary logo. But that’s just me.

Grade: D

New Jersey Devils


Taking away the torso stripe killed it for me, but hey, could be worse. They could have gone back to green instead of black.

Grade: D+

Arizona Coyotes


We could have had the throwbacks…

Joking aside, these just keep up the status quo. Same old, same old. Not great but not bad.

Grade: C

Columbus Blue Jackets


I’ve never been a fan of these jerseys. I don’t like the striping but this is another case of “nothing new, coulda been worse.”

Grade: C

Philadelphia Flyers


This is another one that I’m just simply not a fan of to start. I wish they’d gotten rid of the white of the sleeves. But I love the orange, classic, Flyers look. Average jersey.

Grade: C+

Calgary Flames


I’m glad they got rid of the messy torso striping. These are simple and clean, average jerseys.

Grade: C+

Montreal Canadiens


Same story as before.

Grade: B-

Anaheim Ducks


About the same as before…right? They cleaned up the striping on the shoulders and around the collar but other than that it’s the same. They kept the god awful orange and black scheme and I guess we’ll never see the return of our beloved Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, but they didn’t make it worse. So, good for you Adidas.

Grade: B

Florida Panthers


These were literally just changed so we can’t expect them to change ’em again. But going back from last year’s reveal, I love these jerseys. The only change I’d have is that I wish they’d gone back to classic Panthers navy for the body of the jerseys.

Grade: B

Vegas Golden Knights


I’ll be honest. I’m still mourning the loss of the potential Las Vegas Aces. I’m not a fan of the Golden Knights moniker. It’s plain. It’s boring. It seems like its meaning was scraped together by a man desperate to name his team after his school. But wait…we’re not here to talk about that.

It being the only home jersey to sport a gray body makes me like it more but I feel that gray with gold and red? A little weird. Otherwise I truly love the design. The logo leaves little to be desired but hey, they didn’t screw it up too badly.

Grade: B

Dallas Stars


Great hockey jerseys all around. They were just made over a few seasons ago (and very much for the better) but I’d love to see some black on the shoulders.

Grade: B+

LA Kings


About the same as with Dallas. I just want the purple trim…

Grade: B+

Pittsburgh Penguins


The design of these jerseys is great. Fantastic even. But maybe I’m a little bias when I say we really didn’t need another Black and Gold…

Grade: B++ (couldn’t give them an A on principle)

New York Rangers


No changes here, but these are still some beautiful jerseys. Just wish they had shoulder patches or even striping?

Grade: A-

Vancouver Canucks


These jerseys are just good. Plain and simple. I love the colour scheme. I still don’t like either of their logos, but hey. Can’t win ’em all.

Grade: A-

Tampa Bay Lightning


These jerseys didn’t need a major makeover but I would have loved to see something subtle. Either way I love them from top to bottom. Great design. Maybe just add something new in the next run?

Grade: A-

Carolina Hurricanes


I am a huge fan of these. I love the warning flag design. I love the black sleeve ends. I love the subtle inner collar design. These jerseys are amazing.

Grade: A

Buffalo Sabres


These jerseys look great. I love that they didn’t remove the front numbers and I’m so glad they went with that royal navy colouring, the subtle yellow on the collar. I’m no Sabres fans but I’ll be happy to watch them play in these.

Grade: A

Boston Bruins


Maybe I’m biased. Okay. I’m very biased. I love the Bruins jersey. I’m incredibly thankful we didn’t see an overhual in design. I was nervous but now I’m just excited to hopefully be able to afford to pull one of these babies on next season. Just don’t ask me whose jersey I’ll get.

Grade: A

St. Louis Blues


Another of the recent changes, the Blues made their jerseys so much better with those changes. I hated their old jerseys, I won’t lie. These are great, though, and I love how Adidas added the inner collar design.

Grade: A

San Jose Sharks


If you ask me, these have always been the best jerseys in the league. The teal and small bits of orange make the team. They managed to make them better too. I’m a sucker for the inside collar designs and this one just seals the deal.

Grade: A+

Edmonton Oilers


I’ve heard a lot of bad things about these but I think they were executed flawlessly. I never liked their old blue jerseys and I own one of the thirds from last season. I enjoy the orange and the changes to the blue. But…that could just be me?

Grade: A+

Toronto Maple Leafs


Damn, we’ve seen a lot of jersey changes recently, haven’t we? Either way, this one without its major changes still remains one of the great classics. The throwback logo only makes it better.

Grade: A+

New York Islanders


Can I just comment on how gorgeous these look? Sure, they’re the same. Right? They’re the same jersey? Either way. Adidas made them look sleek for sure. I’m a huge fan of these Isles jerseys even if the changes are just to the collar design.

Grade: A+

Winnipeg Jets


These jerseys. These jerseys…

So much better. Before they had that god awful collar shape. What even was it? The weird bluish trim too? Ugh. Boring. These are so much better than before. I would actually wear one and pretend they play in Atlanta again.

Grade: A+

Minnesota Wild


My top spot has to go to the Wild. These jerseys are just plain gorgeous. From the green to the cream striping across the center to the subtle addition of the red. They really outdid themselves.

Grade: A++


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