Who to Watch as Free Agency Looms


Galchenyuk Staying or Going?

Will the Habs trade 23 year old Alex Galchenyuk this week? Or will he remain in Montreal? That’s a huge question that’s pressing many fans alike this week. With 44 points in 61 games this season, he’s still got it in him, but the question stands as to who’s interested and how much will they be willing to pay? Rumours are swirling involving the New Jersey Devils who may be looking to beef up their offence, especially with the acquisition of Nico Hischier in the entry draft.

Where will Shattenkirk End Up?

Kevin Shattenkirk is a huge name in this year’s free agency. But who’s gonna get him? Talks have linked him to the New York Rangers, but he will come at a hefty price. The Tampa Bay Lightning have also been out in the open with their inquiries. There is also buzz coming from Buffalo. Wherever he ends up, though, he’s going to cost a lot but may be worth it, if his time with the Capitals is any indication, having stockpiled 14 points in 19 short games with the Caps before posting average stats in the playoffs. Still, he’s the best defender of the crop. Where do I want to see him go? To the Bruins of course, but we all know that shouldn’t happen.

Will Colorado Make a Move?

We’re getting tired of the Gabriel Landeskog and Matt Duchene rumours, I know we all are. After talks linking Landeskog to the Bruins before this year’s trade deadline (Boston wasn’t willing to pay up) and hearing Duchene’s name crop up in almost every trade talk since the fact, when will a move be made if any? The answer may come this week. According to David Pagnotta, it could be Nashville or Carolina that ends up landing Duchene. But the problem is, it seems that Colorado is hung up on their big need for a defender. Boston wasn’t willing to trade Brandon Carlo, so will Nashville be willing to part with a key piece of what makes their team the best defence corps in the league?

Brendan Smith and his Long List of Suitors

While it’s fun to entertain a whole host of options, it seems that the best fit for Brendan Smith would simply be to resign with the Rangers.

What’s up With Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau?

This pair of legendary Sharks players are up for free agency, and it really seems that the both of them will stay put. But that won’t stop teams from inquiring. For Joe Thornton at 37, this may be a last chance sort of scenario if he wants to win a Stanley Cup. Still, the big guy wants a three-year deal. Most likely, he’ll stay with the Sharks, but that hasn’t stopped a reported dozen teams from inquiring.

Meanwhile, Patrick Marleau is also seeking a three-plus year contract for himself. I’d be less surprised to see him moving on from San Jose. It’s been reported that he’s also received his share of calls from interested teams. While still unknown where he’ll land, some may hope it’s with their team, as the guy’s a goal scorer.

Well, at least we’ll find all of this out this upcoming week. Free agency opens Saturday at 12 p.m. ET.




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