smallMy name is Maddox Reksten and I’m a rabid hockey fan stuck in the center of of the southeast US…in Georgia of all places. The Predators are my closest live team, but I was born in Boston. That makes my home team the Bruins. Yeah, I’m a Bostonian stuck in the Deep South. I was raised for a while in Florida, so I have a soft spot for the Tampa Bay Lightning as well.

There’s not much to do concerning hockey around here. Hell, our sports stores don’t even know a single team. But that doesn’t stop me from being a huge hockey fan streaming out of market games on my TV every night from October through June. I’m also a writer so why not combine my two great loves? I love most teams and I’ll write about all of them. For the love of the game, right?

Find me on Twitter @penandpuck.